Camossi Franciacorta Rosé

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The Camossi Franciacorta Rosé is made from 100 percent Pinot Nero grapes.

“The clusters are pressed whole and the must remains in contact with the skins for just a few hours,” says winemaker Giovanni Arcari, who has been consulting with the Camossi brothers for a number of years now.

“If you de-stem, you risk having green tannin in the wine. And we’ve found that whole-cluster fermentation gives us just the right amount of color in the wine when it comes to the Camossi brothers’ fruit.”

piero camossi

Above: Piero Camossi, grape grower and Dario and Claudio’s father, turned 90 years old last year.

“It doesn’t have a brilliant, showy rosé color,” notes Giovanni. “And the color varies slightly with each vintage.”

The wine has been immensely well-received in Italy, making a splash a few years ago when it was first poured at the chic Salumeria Roscioli, wine bar and food shop in the center of Rome.

Interesting fact about Franciacorta: although the vintage of any Franciacorta cannot be printed on the front label of the wine unless the wine has been aged on its lees for 30 months, no Franciacorta can be blended from different vintages (as in Champagne). When they can’t print the vintage on the front label, most Franciacorta producers will incorporate the harvest year somewhere in the identification code printed on the back label.

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