LA Times recommends: Caprari Lambrusco Secco Frizzante Colcer

Above: Tortellini in brodo make for a classic New Year’s Eve dish in Emilia-Romagna where Lambrusco is the preferred pairing.

We were thrilled to learn that the Los Angeles Times has recommended the Caprari Lambrusco Secco Frizzante for New Year’s Eve this year.

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Here’s what LA Times food and wine critic Irene Virbila had to say about Lambrusco and why it’s a great choice for your New Year’s celebration this year:

“There are many things you could drink with your New Year’s Eve supper, but if you’re making an Italian feast, you would do well to ring out the last day of the year with Lambrusco. Even if you’re not cooking a vat of tortellini in brodo yourself, the fizzy, bittersweet wine from the area around Modena in northern Italy pairs fantastically well with salumi. And by Lambrusco, we don’t mean the cheap, fizzy, sweet stuff that has turned so many wine drinkers away from the typical wine of Emilia (remember Riunite?). When it’s made well, Lambrusco can be a revelation.”